Links to Chicago

Artists Christo Jan van der Marck Ontario Street

All our projects, they happen in their prime time. There is something you can never have it again. It is a matter of the dynamics of the trustees of the museum, the friendships of Jeanne-Claude and myself with the director, Jan van der Marck. With the time of – the courage – of many, many things. Something you cannot be thinking you can transport now. This is for the world today is different type of thinking. And there was the luck that we have also our friend, Scott Hodes – actually, his father was here, Barney Hodes. This is why we have links to Chicago. Not only that Jan moved from Walker Art Center here. But we became very close friends with Scott Hodes, before, with his father, Barney Hollis, his father was a great art collector. And Scott also became a collector. We start to – very much close to the Chicago – art milieu, art collectors, who was very eager. That was the natural connection that Jeanne-Claude and myself to the city of Chicago, already in the mid '60s, before of course the museum was wrapped.

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