Friends with the Founders

1960s Artists Christo Collectors Founders

Christo's friendships with some of MCA's founders—dating back to the early sixties—led to the 1968 project Packed.

I found the Chicago collectors, like Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Bergman, who is the founding member of the—Mr. Martin Numenos, the Martin New York. Because Martin in New York even I met before I come to United States. He bought something, early package of me when I have exhibition in Venice in Italy in 1962 or '63. And this is why there was the old story before the museum was wrapped to the friendship with the Hodes, we met some of the collectors already. And they were really very active, extremely supportive, that museum go outside of art institute and try to be more adventurous museum. And I remember very vividly that the very beautiful show about the telephone that Jan van der Marck did it just before the wrapping of the museum. That was all a very progressive thinking that the museum was engaged in these early years. 50 years ago.

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