“Nudity, Ooh, and Disability”

Accessibility Artists Chicago Performance

Their programs, which include nudity and subject matter that isn't commonly treated, have found a home in Chicago and at the MCA, where they are supported by adventurous audiences and programmers.

It’s very difficult to book the show because of the amount of male nudity, ooh, and disability. But here in Chicago, we have been welcomed and we are really appreciative of that. I have to say, of course it’s because of Yolanda and Peter Taub and John and the wonderful MCA, but it’s also because Chicago has an existing relationship with disability and disability arts, from the Bodies of Work Festival, from Carrie Sandahl, and the university. And there’s a program here of cultural understanding that has gone before us that allows us to come and do this show and for it to be appreciated in a way that we intended. And I’m really grateful for that.

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