Everybody’s Got an Opinion


Their excitement about the MCA and contemporary art means that the museum's board members are among the most engaged in the city.

I love the fact that we get all kinds of new people here, too. That's one of the things—I've always said of the boards that I've served on in this city, this is probably the most engaged. Sometimes they would admit overly engaged boards. In the early days people said, "Oh, your board, you're trying to run everything. Everybody's got an opinion." But you know, it's a committed board. We've gotten a little better behaved since then, but, the fact is, people who are MCA board members generally are passionate about not just contemporary art but the mission of the MCA, and that's what makes us different. There are other organizations, well, if you can just write out a big check that's all we care about; you don't even have to come to any meetings and you don't even have to be interested in what we do. We just want your name on our masthead. This is much different. We really want people who are passionately interested in contemporary art 'cause they also bring different interests, different ideas. I've learned a lot from them.

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