Friends On the Board

Board Community

Personal friendships that grow among board members lead to new initiatives and ideas.

The MCA has always been on the leading edge of inclusion, and trying to figure out how to broaden their audiences. And my friend Penny asked me if I'd like to be involved, and I think it was principally as a result of our friendship. And I became engaged, and began to develop a number of other friendships at the institution. With Steven Berkowitz, who cochaired the audience development and diversity committee with me early in my tenure on the board. Allen Turner is a close friend, and he's been on the board for a lifetime, I'm sure.

And a number of other great relationships that have developed over time. And so the institution, for me, on a very personal level means, one, the appreciation of art and contemporary art, but also friendships, and sharing something that I think is important to the community, the city, and even the international community. But also on a very personal level. 

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