We Want to Sit with Them Too

Artists Community Parties

At the Venice Biennale, the hot table at Harry's Bar is the MCA's.

We're at the Venice Biennale, we're having dinner, and in comes into Harry's Bar, in walks Francesco Bonami. Well, we all wave him over; he comes over, he couldn't have been nicer. He agrees to have dinner with us. And then Theaster Gates walks in and though he was supposed to have dinner with someone else, now he decides he's gonna have dinner with us. And we're having just a great time. Well, the interesting thing is who comes and sits at the next table but François Pinault and Salma Hayek. Now more people come into Harry's Bar; they walk right by these two celebrities and come over to our table to say hello to Francesco and to Theaster and to Dieter and others. And finally, the Pinaults get very upset with this, call the owner of the bar over, and say, "Listen, we want to sit with them, too," which had to be an all-time first.

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