“It Was Thrilling”

1960s Christo Firsts Founders Staff

The MCA's first years were marked by experimentation and excitement. Helyn Goldenberg recalls some highlights.

I am really happy to answer this question: what was it like in the early days? It was thrilling. It was about 90 percent volunteer, 10 percent staff, who weren't paid very much anyway, so they might as well have been volunteers. It was thrilling. Einstein on the Beach with Philip Glass on the floor while he was developing it, on pillows. Christo wrapping the museum, with the fire department trying to close us down.

It was thrilling. But I am so happy to answer this question. It was thrilling. It was one of the most thrilling things of all of our lives. It is just as exciting today. The current leadership of this institution—it reminds me of a grown-up version of the beginning. And I think all of us who have the opportunity to come to this museum today, and tomorrow, are going to be just as excited as we were at the beginning.

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