An Auction at the Warehouse


Anne Kaplan describes an auction for which the setting—the MCA warehouse—was central to the experience.

One of the first events that I was happily involved with, along with Gina Crowley and Hillary Hanas, I think, actually, was an auction that I worked on. And I brought in a friend of mine who was a professional, and we conceived of something in the old warehouse—I think I have the time schedule right—in the old warehouse. And we loved that it was a warehouse, so we wanted you to walk through a warehouse, and we were able to get a company to lend us—lend, not buy—hundreds of pallets, which we stacked and put lighting in the middle of. And so you walk through this pallet—crummy sculpture garden of this crummy, great warehouse to get to the stairs and go upstairs and witness an auction that was up there.

MCA Art Auction, 2004. Photo: Bob Karl, © MCA Chicago.

MCA Art Auction, 2004. Photo: Bob Karl, © MCA Chicago.

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