Inclusive Design as a Way of Life

Accessibility Design Publications Staff

Sina Bahram, one of the nation's best respected accessibility consultants, praises the MCA's Visitor Services team for their commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

As I've visited the MCA for various projects and collaborations, I've also gotten the chance to meet with the Visitor Services staff. These are some really awesome folks. Essentially, here again, the decision was not, "Oh, why are we needing to consider visitors with disabilities?" Or, "That seems incredibly difficult." But, rather, "Oh yeah, of course we need to be doing that, and how can we do that better?" This core query-based way of looking at accessibility and inclusive design of, "How can we do this better?" and iteratively failing forward and not being afraid of actually trying things and then improving upon that based on visitor feedback or expert feedback or research in the field, I think is a real testament not only to Visitor Services staff but the MCA as an institution as a whole.

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