Leading the Way

Staff Women

For decades, the MCA has thrived with women in leadership roles throughout the institution.

The fact that we have had a woman in Madeleine leading the MCA since 2008 is a big deal. And when you actually look at the leadership within all the other departments, I think I counted up 10 or 11 different department heads are female. And that's a big deal. We were the first arts institution across the country to have a woman chair our board of trustees back in 1981 with Helyn Goldenberg, and we've kind of continued that she-story, you know, that women, that empowerment. And personally I'm completely proud of it and I think it's something that we should absolutely celebrate. I love the fact that our new restaurant is going to be called Marisol, after, you know, the first piece that was donated to the permanent collection by a female artist.

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