Hands-On Work

Board Women

In the early days, Women's Board members did a lot of the grunt work—and had a great time.

There were a group of women who I worked with very closely on the Women's Board for a long time. And we used to do a lot of really hands-on work, even in the tradition of the history of the women before us. Especially in invitations for events and things like that. We used to—it was like a very old-school. I mean we would sit in a little room downstairs in this museum and in the other building and, you know, go through mailing lists. And just it was fun. It was a fun thing.

And I was new to Chicago, so it was a great way for me to meet people, and meet people who loved art. So there were a lot of women: Bev Mayer, who is still involved to some extent, Mya Mullen, Judy Greenwald. Judy's no longer with us. But a lot of wonderful women who were very important to this institution.

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