Above and Beyond

Founders Renovation Staff

The MCA founders set up an institution that constantly evolves.

In understanding the history, the current board fits the saying, "Standing on the shoulders of giants," in the sense of what the original board members did to establish this.

So if you go back to that time period, if you go back 50 years ago, and I'm sure you're collecting a lot of these stories, but it's incredibly impressive what these individuals did—really because of the way the art world worked at the time, and how they felt like they would have an opportunity to be a part of that, and the fact that it required going above and beyond what most other people would have to do at the time, frankly, even if you had money to be involved in that. So to actually say, "We're going to actually set this up on our own, and we're going to support it on our own, and we're going to try and grow something that will last for decades." It's gone through a number of different evolutions over that time. And I think about what's happening right now as far as the renovation of the museum and the amount of work that that's required on the part of not only Madeleine, but certainly Terry and the rest of her team, and others, and it's tremendous!

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