“Still Having Fun?”

Board Community Directors Staff

Martin H. Nesbitt reflects on the inspiring leadership of Pritzker Director Madeleine Grynsztejn.

One of the things I'm most proud about, and I should really take more credit for this, but I was on the search committee that ultimately recommended to the board hiring Madeleine Grynsztejn. And what a terrific leader she has been for the institution, having the perfect relationship with a Board of Trustees that is very engaged, bringing a wealth of relationships with artists to the institution and treating them as an important fabric of the MCA's community, having a real commitment to diversity and inclusion in a very authentic way, in an unrelenting, unapologetic way of—continues to reach out and build a strong community. I just feel like I was lucky to be a part of that process, and it was the wisdom of my co-members of that committee that ultimately led to that selection. But I feel proud to have been a part of that, and she's done a terrific job. And she has become a terrific friend. And I always ask her, "Still having fun?"

From the very beginning, I think after her first few months on the team, I started asking her is she having fun, and she always responds enthusiastically, "Yes." And I think that's a good sign for us all.

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