One of My Biggest Supporters

1990s Artists Board Collectors Community

Lew Manilow, a founding board member of the MCA, was one of Kerry's biggest supporters since the 1990s. 

One of the founding board members of the MCA was Lew Manilow. You know? And Madeline brought Lew Manilow by my studio back in the nineties—was the first time I met him, and the first time I met him was with her.

And at the time, I was working on that series of paintings of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. And Lew was excited about those paintings when he saw them. And I know that when he bought those paintings and made a promised gift to the MCA of those works. And I know that they have finally made their way into the MCA’s collection, and Lew Manilow has been probably one of my biggest supporters from the time I first came to Chicago, and it was through Madeline that I met Lew.

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