Conversing and Learning

Accessibility Community Education Youth

Matt Woods discusses the benefits of being an MCA artist guide.

I always wanna have a component that works or responds to the community—and I mean community like neighborhoods. It gives access to what I know. The MCA has given me the opportunity to work with over 50,000 young kids and people over these years. I've worked with everyone from the blind to the disabled. I've toured kindergarten through senior. I would've never had those experiences if it wasn't for the MCA. I would have never been able to follow through with my practice the way that I wanted to. It's also given me an incredible education and exposure to artworks at a very intimate level. I've been able to meet artists. I've been able to spend days on end with the works, talking about them; and each conversation brings more awareness about some of the concepts behind it and that's grown for me in my own practice with my art.

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