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I as an artist and an educator have had the opportunity to blur those practices together in a way that I didn't think was possible. I thought that those were two sort of separate things and they might inform one another in a way that was like, – oh, well, I know how to make art, so I can teach someone how to make art now. Or I know a lot about history; I can teach someone what I know. In a really sort of top-down kind of way. But with the opportunities I've had as an artist and an educator here, the MCA asks me to bring those both together, to bring my practice as an artist to my teaching practice. I don't really know – it's sort of hard to explain. Because the teaching opportunities I have are also artistic opportunities. They require the full – the fullness of my creativity and my inspiration and my personality. They're not just like here's a curriculum. Here are young people. Bestow.

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Video still, Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum. © MCA Chicago.

Behind the Scenes

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1990s Community Education Staff