Always Making New Friends

Artists Board Community

Exhibitions can lead to friendships, and those friendships can inform collections.

A lot of our friends are sort of born out of our relationships with people at the MCA and the MCA itself. Some of our closest friends, like Kerry James Marshall, and Theaster Gates, and Dawoud Bey—all very close friendships that have evolved since our engagement with the Museum of Contemporary Art. So—Theaster's work and the exhibitions that he's done here; Kerry James's show, which of course was so successful and world-renowned; The Short Century, which is one of the early exhibitions that I happened to be involved with here at the MCA—All very important to us, and all events that gave birth to strong relationships. And so we collect the artwork of our friends, and a lot of—many of the artists who are our friends became our friends through our relationship with the MCA.

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