More than Just a Museum

Community Directors Visitors

Now more than ever, museums are shared spaces for people to come together, interact, and connect.

So just take into account the history of—just the incredible real estate growth in terms of the perception of museums since the MCA was founded. And what I find really interesting now is that our vision is really about a program of sustainability rather than real estate footprint growth and a program of sustainability that is directly reflective of what we know from research audiences need, which are social and cultural spaces that allow them to come together to talk about the art and performances and education programs that they're seeing in our building.

And to use the museum like a tool. To learn, yes, about art and performance and education, but as importantly or maybe more importantly, to be with each other, to have an excuse to be with the person you love or with the person you want to love. And to use the museum as a way to have a conversation.

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