Committed to Diversity

Accessibility Board Community Visitors

Diversity is part of the MCA's DNA.

The MCA has had a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. That's not always as obvious on the outside as it is on the inside. I think the birth of the audience development and diversity committee was a function of the continuing commitment that the museum has had to diversity. And over time, that commitment has been more and more institutionalized. And I think you now see a place that has continued to evolve, and has at its foundation a real commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is so important to understanding culture and the evolution of culture in our community and beyond. So it was a great experience for me, and a lot of great friendships.

But I think the board's support of that committee, and the continuance of that committee's work, since it was instituted, is just a reflection of what the real DNA of this institution is. And so that has manifested itself in so many different ways, through exhibitions, broadening of the membership, diversity on the board, people all over the city of Chicago finding value in the exhibits that are on display here. So it continues to evolve, and my heart is warmed by the fact that this is institutionalized and has become really a part of the museum's DNA. I guess the best sign of that is when it just happens. We don't even think about diversity and inclusion as a—in a robotic kinda way. It's just a natural function of the way the museum operates. And so I'm real proud of the example that the MCA sets for the rest of the world, with respect to this issue.

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