Chicago’s Schoolkids Take the Bus

Chicago Donors Education Firsts Youth

A grant from Walgreens paid for the buses that brought CPS students to the MCA.

The Chicago Public Schools for a change didn’t have a lot of money, and we really wanted to bring the teachers and the kids over here because, remember, this was a tough study for people. They don’t anything about it. And we were afraid that if we brought the teachers in with the students, the teachers wouldn’t know anything about it either.

So, I called Walgreens, someone at Walgreens, and I asked for a grant to pay for buses. We got a grant. I think it was an enormous grant. It was probably $2,000. And we got buses. So we had a group that went out to the museums, taught the teachers about the exhibition we were having, and then the buses brought the teachers and the students back, and the teachers now knew something. Because we didn’t want to embarrass the teachers. They’re teachers! They’re not supposed to go in and not know anything. It worked out really, really well.

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