A Merry Band of Pioneers

1960s Community Founders

When the museum opened, it was just a group of people doing something. It was very adventuresome.

When the museum first started it was like a—I think people thought about it more as like a group of people doing something. It was like a family group of people doing something. I think now it’s a cultural institution, and it’s a totally different idea, totally different. We’re still a group of people doing something underneath it, but it’s different. It really is a world-class institution as opposed to a group of—a merry band of pioneers starting something. When you start from nothing, you don’t have very much to lose, because you don’t have anything, there’s nothing to lose. It was very adventuresome.

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Video still, Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum. © MCA Chicago.

Behind the Scenes

MCA staff members are interviewed in 1997 about their work. Interviews include Torri Johnson, security officer; Margaret Farr, assistant director of education; Pablo Helguera, coordinator of public programs; Dominic Molon,. . . more
1990s Community Education Staff