A 24-Hour Free-for-All

1990s Board Building Events Parties

Instead of throwing a flashy party, the MCA opened the museum to all for 24 hours.

We decided—rather than starting with some big flashy gala, art-world party, we would start by having a 24-hour summer solstice, invite all of Chicago to be our guest, open to all, free of charge, 24 hours. It was loony. It was so much fun. But, you know, a big deal to plan, because we had some activity going on every hour, practically, for a performance, or this or that or music.

I remember Penny [Pritzker] got us a room over at the Park Hyatt, and I think we went over and we spent about 20 minutes there with our feet up and said, "We don’t want to miss anything," and went right back.

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Video still, Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum. © MCA Chicago.

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1990s Community Education Staff