Tales From the Artside

Board Community Directors Staff

Nancy DeDakis describes a beloved MCA staff newsletter, "Tales from the Artside."

Oh, the newsletter! Yeah. I think that was started by the public relations department, Maureen King, who also went onto the Field Museum and now she's at Lurie Children's Foundation, and she writes a lot for them. She and her assistant, Mike Thomas, came up with this idea, I think. And Kevin Consey really encouraged it. "Tales from the Artside," a very folksy title. It's really funny when you think about that it—he shared it with the trustees and the staff. People loved it. And there was also, the two issues that I gave you, I don't have an issue that has Eddie Sallie, long-time head of security here, he did an "Ask Eddie: Advice to the Lovelorn" column as well, which was very great. It was very funny. I don't know how long we did that. You know, that he had time to do something like that just says that we were a little bit smaller scale back then.

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