Fundraising through ArtEdge

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ArtEdge continues to set a high bar.

ArtEdge I think is phenomenal. I think it really sets the bar high for every other institution who tries to do what we do. And I think it's—we take a chance all the time. In the decor, in the music that we have, in the food. We are constantly trying to get new people, new audiences. I think we're very welcoming.

There have been some—this last one had a very high ticket price on it, because it was really a celebration of 50 years of the MCA. So I think our last event on June 3rd was, you know, there was a little bit of trepidation of whether we could charge that much for the highest tables, and we didn't know if we'd be able to do it, but we pulled it off. I was actually shocked that we got that many people who would commit that much. But I think it was a testament to this institution, and I think it was people really understanding how important it is and celebrating the 50 years. So I think the ArtEdge is phenomenal.

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