Always Different

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The MCA is always changing.

Literally week to week, if you were to visit, you would expect to see something different. So when I walked in this afternoon, again, even though I was coming to a meeting, I walked my way through the museum just to see what was new and what was different. And then audience engagement part as well is different in the sense of when you visit, you don't feel as though you are just going to look at paintings or sculptures or something like that. You actually do believe that you're, in some way, going to interact with it. You know, the best example for me, or at least an easy example, is the Bowie exhibit. It wasn't a matter of just walking through an exhibit and seeing it, but rather you listen to some of the music. I had an opportunity to see what the costumes looked like, you know, all different things that were much more tangible than just the visual experiences. 

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