“Man, I got played”

2010s Education Exhibitions Youth

SPACE student Josh Rodriguez reflects on an experience that changed his perception of museums.

It's awesome. I mean, I was kinda—It was a bit of a rebel kinda thing. I was—art—I'm an artist, but art is—museums are kinda dumb. But it's just this space. We were up in that Merce Cunningham exhibit, and we went from one room where there's just these projections all over the walls, and in there I felt like I was in there for hours. I got lost in there. And then we immediately went into a room where there was just a big window and there's these old TVs that made these droning noises. And that—I still have a headache. That room itself just gave me a headache. So just the way the artist made us feel; just the way the curators—'cause the curator's also a part of it—just the way they changed my emotions as I was going through, I thought was—it was so cool. I was like, "Man, I got played. They got me." But I was really open to it, because it's a cool place. It's really cool.

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